Before the holidays – leave your books and borrow Read for fun!


The semester is soon coming to an end and before you leave on your Christmas break, it may be a good idea to return your books. You can also renew them over the counter to make sure that you are guaranteed 14-day loan period. Read more about our borrowing rules.Then you don´t have to worry about ending up in the situation that someone else wants to borrow one of your books when you do not have the opportunity to return them.

Take the chans to borrow some reading during Christmas. Did you miss ”Biblioteket i vimlet” outside the red dining room on Lucia day? Don´t worry! We have pocketbooks we call “Read for fun”. They are located on the second floor in the library, we also have lots of good detective stories and novels on the fourth floor.

Welcome to the Library!


Text: Lena Wadell

Picure: Colourbox