Start of spring semester 2017


Today is the first day of spring semester 2017 – we welcome former students as well as those of you who just entered your studies at the University of Borås. Whether you are new or experienced students, we want to tell you this: Do not forget to use the library and the librarians in your studies! Why? Well, research shows that students who use the library in their studies get better results. Take the information you use in your studies seriously, and make sure that your information search is thorough, and you will come a long way. And this is something the library and the librarians can help you with. Moreover, we can help with more fundamental things than that; such as to lend whiteboard markers, explaining how to write references, show how to find the books you need, helping to print or point you the direction to the nearest restroom.

If you have any questions – come and ask! We are always available at the Information Point near the entrance to the library, as well as on e-mail:

Welcome to the library!

Text: Katharina Nordling