Published at the University of Borås in 2016


Every year researchers, teachers and other staff at the University of Borås publish a variety of publications, most of which presents research results or similar. The publications come in a range of different types; doctoral theses, licentiate theses, peer review articles, popular scientific articles, book chapters, books, reports, etc. All of these publications are to be registered in the university publication database DiVA. This means that if you are interested in what is published by the university – search DiVA to find out.

In 2016, more than 470 publications were registered in DiVA, and there still might be some publications which haven’t yet been registered, so the final number of publications for 2016 is still unclear.

However, we know that in 2016 eight doctoral and two licentiate theses were published at the university, as it was ten research students who defended their theses during the year. All these dissertations, and a variety of other publications published by employees at the university in 2016, are now on display in our glass cabinets at the entrance to the library. Come and have a look!

Text & picture: Katharina Nordling