The book donation by Larsh Eriksson in place


Last year, the library received a donation of a large collection of books in areas such as textiles, fashion and management. The gift came from Larsh Eriksson, teacher of design management at The Swedish School of Textiles for many years. Larsh had a special interest in collecting books on the subject and wanted to donate his collection to the library. After a review at the home of Larsh, about 50 moving boxes came with books to the library and were unpacked in the following year.

Everything has been reviewed and most of the books have been cataloged and moved into the library collections. The last books where placed on shelves by the end of 2017.

The books are now available for lending and may be of great interest for students at The Swedish School of Textiles, but also for other persons. There are many beautiful books in art, fashion, design, decor that can attract everyone. All books are now part of the library’s collection and are searchable in Primo. If you want to know more, please contact Martin Borg here at the library, or else – welcome here to borrow! 

Read more about Larsh Eriksson and the book collection at the university website and in Borås Tidning.

Text & image: Lena Holmberg