Save and monitor your searches in Primo automatically


In the Primo discovery service you can search most of the library’s collections of printed and electronic material. Primo offers several possibilities for refining searches as well as saving and monitoring already made searches. The Primo search box can be found on the library homepage.

Save and monitor searches in Primo

You can save your searches in Primo and automatically let Primo monitor them for you.

How to do it:

  • Start by doing a search in Primo, refine it as you like
  • When you are satisfied with your search, save the search. To save a search you have to login in to your Primo account.
  • When you have logged in to Primo, click on the icon Search History
  • Under the Search History tab, select the search you want to save by clicking the Needle
  • Select the Saved Searches tab and click the Alarm bell to enable monitoring of the search

Now your search is saved and being monitored. When there is new material that matches your search, you will receive an email from Primo, telling you that there are additional records for the monitored search.

In Primo, it looks like this:

Do your search

1. Do your search.

Login to your account In Primo

2. Login to your Primo account.

Click the icon for Search History

3. Click the icon for Search History.

Save your search by clicking the Needle

4. Save your search by clicking the Needle.

Activate monitoring of your search by clicking the Alarm bell

5. Activate monitoring of your search by clicking the Alarm bell.

Text and images: Klaz Arvidson