Printing from your own computer – here’s how it works!


Here’s a quick instruction for you who want to print documents at campus using your own computer – just follow these instructions and you’ll soon have the document in your hand.

You can print from a personal computer to the university’s printer no matter where you are (here at campus or at home on the couch), but when it’s time to collect the printed document, you obviously have to be at campus. The documents you print are available for pick up at the printer for 48 hours after you pressed Print at the computer.

When you want to print something from a computer that is not one of the university’s computers, you start by signing in at the university’s Print Portal – PaperCut. You can reach it from the Student page on the web – click Common Tools, or from the Library web page – under Quick Links.

Nota bene: It’s not possible to print in colour with this method. If you want colour prints you have to print from one of the university’s computers.

Please click on the pictures below, and it will be much easier to see what it says.

Once you have logged in (with your S-number and password), click Web Print in the menu on the left and then click the Submit a Job button:

In the next step, choose the printer called Print-and-Collect (if this step doesn’t appear – don’t worry the right printer is selected for you anyways). Then click the button with the text Print Options and Account Selection:

In the next step, choose how many copies you want of the document:

Then it’s time to choose which document you want to print. You can drag files to the box to upload them, or you simply click the button Upload from Computer:

Now you can see which document you have chosen to upload, please note that it’s possible to upload several documents at the same time. When you have chosen which document(s) you want to print, press Upload & Complete:

Your documents are now uploading to the university’s print server. And when the text Klart för utskrift appears in the list of documents, you just have to go to one of the printers at the university to pick it up:

If you have any questions – please don’t hesitate to ask the librarians at the Information Point right by the entrance to the library.

Text & bilder: Katharina Nordling