Find your course literature


You may wonder how the library has sorted the course literature and how you can easily get hold of your books.

In this blog we go through how to find the right book on the shelf. We also give you tips on different ways to get hold of your course literature.

The library buys at least 2 copies of each book. One for loan and one course reference copy for use in the library. If the course book is available as an E-book, we buy it in the first place, but we make sure to also have a physical copy for borrowing.

As mentioned before course reference is not for home borrowing, but you can read it anywhere inside the library. All our course references, are on floor 1 (at the bottom) and are sorted in alphabetical order with a yellow dot on the back.

It is not certain that the book always can be found on the author’s surname as many believe. It may as well stand on the title. Therefore, it is important that you look in the library catalog Primo first before going down to look for the book.

The loan period for course books is 7 days. If no one reserves the book, it is automatically loaned up to 4 months. You will receive an email when it is time to return the book. Therefore, it is important to check that you have registered the correct email address. You can check it through My Library.

As mentioned earlier, a course book can also be available as an e-book and read both here at the university and from home. It is your regular UserId that you use at login. To see if the current course book is available as an e-book, you can search in Primo.

Here’s how it can look when searching for a course book in the Library catalogue:

The top specimen is the course reference that is on floor 1 and the bottom specimen is on its subject shelf, in this case, floor 2.5. If the loan specimen had been lent, it would have stood 0 available instead of 1 available in the parenthesis.

It happens that the course reference is not in place on floor 1. This can be either because someone sits with it somewhere in the library or someone has taken it with them to another floor and left it on a gray cart there. What you can do is go around and check among the carts or come back later to see if it’s back in its place.

You might wonder why we don’t have class sets of everything. We do not have the opportunity to do so, partly because we do not have enough room for it, the library has to hold a lot of other literature and other things than course books.  And partly, we cannot afford it. The library has a media budget that must be followed every year and it is within its framework that we are allowed to keep. We must also ensure that our book stock is filled with good books that can be used in essay writing and other schoolwork.

If you want to buy your course literature, the student bookstore at Allégatan has much of the university’s course literature for good prices. You can also buy your course literature through online bookstores such as Adlibris and Bokus, which often have a large range of course literature. On the university’s bulletin board, there are often ads about sale of used textbooks and on the sites and bokbörsen you can search for used books. It may happen on occasional occasions that the student union in Borås has course book sale somewhere at the university.

Text: Tandis Talay
Picture: Suss Wilén