Rules in the Library


Since the library is a workplace for many students and for us to have a pleasant working environment, we have some rules of conduct that we hope everyone will follow.
When it comes to the sound level and if you get to talk in the library or not, we are not a silent library, which means that it is perfectly OK to sit in the lounge and talk and have discussion in groups, but you should have a low noise level.

If you want to have a little more heated discussions, we have group rooms that you can book and for those who want absolute silence around when they study, we have quiet study room where talking is not allowed.
Although it is all right to talk on your mobile in most places around the library, it is mobile free zone in the area around the information point. Think about the sound level even when you talk on the phone, because it is easy to talk loudly without you know it yourself.

When it comes to food and drink, you get to eat fruit, sweets and some sandwiches in the library. sticky sandwiches like tuna or shrimp sandwiches are not allowed. If you want to eat hot food there is a lunch lounge just outside the library with microwave ovens, 2 refrigerators and a coffee machine. All students have access to the lounge with their tag.

Taking a break from studying and walking away to get something to eat can be a good way to clear your thoughts , regaining focus and get new energy.

You are allowed to have beverage in the Library with a lid on. But remember not to bring soft drinks or energy drinks into the library when it can get really messy if you accidentally pour out a bit.

Text: Tandis Talay
Picture: Unsplash