Search Tips in Primo: delimit to books


When you search in Primo you will be able to refine your searches in several ways. You will find the facets in the menu to the left of the interface.

Let’s say you’re looking for a printed book. Once you have entered your search terms in the search box and made the search, you get a result list that can be quite extensive. In the result list you will probably find several different types of publications, such as Journal Articles, Books, Conference Proceedings, Dissertations and more. In order to focus on books, you have several delimitation options available.

Printed books

If you are looking for a printed book, you can select “The Library” under the heading “Library”. Then you will get a result list of titles found in the library’s collection of mainly printed material. If you only want to see the titles that are on shelf in this moment, not yet borrowed, you can click on “Available in the Library” under the heading “Show Only”. Remember, however, you do not see the full collection if you choose “Available in the Library”, so if you’re planning to reserve a book, it’s preferable
to delimit to “The Library”. Then you will see books that are both on the shelf and are borrowed in the result list.

Printed and electronic books

If you are looking for both printed and electronic books, you can select “Books” under the heading “Resource Type”. Then you get both printed and electronic books in the result list. If you are looking for books in a particular subject, this method may be preferable as you get more titles to choose from.

By using the facets in Primo you have the opportunity to refine your searches and specify the result list.

Text and images: Klaz Arvidson