Search Tips in Primo: delimit to Peer Reviewed


When you search in Primo you will be able to refine your searches in several ways in order to focus on the results. You will find the facets in the menu to the left of the interface.

Your search in Primo often results in a result list consisting of entries with several different resource types such as Book, Book Chapter, Journal Article, Newspaper Article, Dissertation and other resource types. These are delimited in the “Resource Type” facet.

In the “Show Only” facet there are further possibilities for delimiting the search against Peer Reviewed, Full Text, Available in the Library and Open Access. If you are searching for articles, especially scientific articles, you will benefit from using the Peer Reviewed delimitation. This delimitation provides entries in the result list that are published in primarily journals that have a procedure for reviewing and approving articles before they are published in the journal. In this way you get more focus on scientific articles. 

An example of a record in Primo with the Peer Reviewed stamp.

If you have any doubts about a particular journal, if it has a peer review process, you can use the Ulrichsweb database to check it. Keep in mind that all material in a scientific journal is not scientifically reviewed, such as leaders, reviews, comments, and more.

Text and images: Klaz Arvidson