Recorded Literature


What is recorded literature and how can you access it?

If you are a student at the University of Borås and have a reading disability, you have the right to talking books produced by MTM ( Agancy for Available Media).

What does reading disability means, you might wonder? Reading disability means that you have difficulty reading printed text. Read-write disability includes for example, reading and writing difficulties, visual impairment, hearing loss, autism, ADHD and temporary reading impairment.

If you have your native language is other than Swedish, and  you have a reading disability in your own language you can borrow talking books in Swedish or other languages. However, it should be considered that not having Swedish as a native language is not a reading disability.

The state is responsible for the production of talking books according to § 17 of the copyright law, but it is the libraries that are loan intermediaries to people with a reading disability. This means that you as a student can contact us at the University Library if you believe that you are in need of talking books according to criteria mentioned above.

Here at the University of Borås, we have two librarians who work with Legimus and recorded literature. Karin Ekström and Lena Svenson. Contact them for a meeting by phone or email.

To find the titles that have been recorded, search the Legimus database. If the course book you are looking for is not available as recorded book, it needs to be ordered via us at the library for new production. you need to contact the library in good time, because it can take 6-12 weeks to get a book recorded.

Read more about recorded literature on our web.

Text: Karin Ekström, Tandis Talay
Picture: Mostphotos