Report from Mozambique


Since the Autumn of 2017 the Library at the University of Borås, together with The Swedish School of Library and Information Science and Blekinge Institute of Technology, has been involved in a Sida-financed development project that aims to build up and strengthen Mozambique’s analysis and research capacity.

This is done through education of librarians, researchers and teachers, and partly through local research that generates new knowledge that is relevant to the country’s development.

Sida supports the largest university in Mozambique, UEM (Universidade Eduardo Mondlane) in the capital Maputo, in cooperation with 14 Swedish and nine South African universities. This support goes to research training at the doctoral and master’s level, infrastructure for research (such as laboratories and electronic journals) but also through training the university librarians to develop a relevant support for students and researchers.

As an introduction the University Library of Borås organized a workshop in Maputo on the modern research library and on two occasions we have been hosting job shadowing activities for visiting mozambicans. During these activities library director, librarians and students have taken part in our daily work and learnt more about our organization and processes.

The latest activity within the project took place in Maputo in April this year, when Tove Lekselius from the University Library and Malin Utter from the Swedish School of Library and Information Science held a three day workshop on customer services.

The project will continue until 2022 and in the future there will be a mix of training for librarians through workshops in Maputo but also visits to Borås for librarians and students on master’s and doctoral level.

If you want to learn more about the project, please follow the UEM Central Library Programme Blog

Text: Svante Kristensson
Bild: Tove Lekselius