Experience Shakespeare! 2016 is the year of William Shakespeare

William-S-He is one of the greatest playwrighters in the world literature, he has been honored and read for centuries, William Shakespeare is a name known by all. This year it is 400 years since his day of death, he died the 23:rd of April 1616.

In connection with the jubilee year book companies publish his work anew and publish modern versions of his texts. His philosophic way to write about human life still speaks to us, even though he wrote in 15-16th century. This year his plays are played at theatres and scenes all around in Sweden and in the world. In our nearby surroundings you can see Romeo & Juliet på Vårdhemmet Verona at Borås Stadsteater, Hamlet, Macbeth and Romeo & Julia at Göteborgsoperan, Trettondagsafton at Folkets hus in Gothenburg. Or take the chance and go to Stockholm and see Macbeth at Maximteatern.

3-shakespeare-022For the moment there is an exhibition taking place in the Library about Shakespeare. At display in the entrance you find several of his plays, sonnets and biographies of his life and work. Welcome to the Library to read the classics and discover new plays. You find his books in both Swedish and English.





Text: Kajsa Magnusson
Picture: Of Shakespeare, Colourbox
Of books, Kajsa Magnusson

Hi Svante!

In a series of portraits we are going to introduce the staff at the Library to all our readers and customers. Who are the people working at the library? And what are they doing there? Read our portraits and get to know your librarians! We asked Svante who works as Library Director a few questions.


What are your main duties?
My assignment is to lead and develop the work at the library. I have the main responsibility for colleagues, working environment and economy, I also participate in the development of the University as a whole. That work is about to place the Library resources and services in a strategic way so it fits the University profile according to the education and research that takes place here.

For how long have you worked here, and what did you do before you started here?
I have been working at the University Library since 2002, but I became Library Director 2011. Earlier I worked as a teacher and headmaster within the primary school. Then I decided to study to librarian and studied at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science for two years before the opportunity to work at the University Library occurred.

What do you enjoy most about the job?
To be part of and to develop the workplace. Because of our changeable surrounding world the library world is in constant change and development. To work as a librarian you have an inherent will for new ideas and development, this makes librarians a very rewarding group to work with.

What do you do when you´re not at work?
I ride a couple of times in the week and during the spring and summer I like to spend time in the garden and in my green house. I also enjoy film and literature.

Do you have any book recommendations you want to share?
I was pleasantly surprised by Paula Fox´s book Desperate characters, it´s an American classic, which has recently been published anew. Then I would like everyone to discover what a wonderful author Bodil Malmsten is. All she has written is well worth reading! Her novels, lyric poetry, blog posts…


Text: Svante Kristensson and Kajsa Magnusson
Picture: Suss Wilén

Environment and waste separation in the Library


The University has an environmental certification and work for a sustainable development. Be part and contribute to a clean and pleasant environment for all of us here at the Library and at the University, by picking up after your and take care of your waste.

You find waste bins in several places in the Library where you can sort your waste, they are mostly placed near the stairs. There is one waste bin for paper, one for mixed waste, one for tins and bottles. Because we have food restrictions and want the Library to be odourless there is no compost, but fruit is allowed and if you want to compost your banana skin or apple-core you find a collection point outside the Library entrance. There you can recycle glass, metal, plastic, paper-packages, batterise and compost.

Thanks for contributing to an inviting environment!



Text: Kajsa Magnusson
Picture: Kajsa Magnusson

Find your way in the Library!

Wagnerguide engelska 1png

Have you been using the map of the Library? With help of the map you can search for all kinds of information. You can see where to find newspapers, journals and course litterature. See where the printers are located and where to find the Search Lab and the Language Lab. Under FAQ (frequent asked questions) you get answers to questions like how to refill your user account and what to do if you have forgotten your password. It´s also possible to search for the Library´s staff if you would like to contact any of us.

How to search books via subject fields!

On the tab Our Book Collection you see where and on which floor different subject fields are placed. If you search for books within a subject without a certain title this can be a good way to find relevant literature. We librarians call it to “browse” among the shelves. In this way you can find unexpected pearls of wisdom.

Say for example that you are interested in psychology, in the map you find philosophy and psychology on number 100. If you click the tab you find psychology on number 150, if you then click the tab the marker will show you the exact placement for the subject section!

Wagnerguide engelska 2png  Wagnerkarta eng 3  wAGNERKARTA ENG 4

You find the map:
– In the Library entranc
– On the Library webpage via –  Map of the premises
– In your phone via the webpage –  Map of the premises


Text: Kajsa Magnusson
Picture: Screen prints from the Wagner guide

Hi Tove Lekselius!

In a series of portraits we are going to introduce the staff at the Library to all our readers and customers. Who are the people working at the library? And what are they doing there? Read our portraits and get to know your librarians! We asked Tove a few questions.

Tove 003

What are your main duties?
I work in the unit Custumer Sercvice. The work involves taking care of the Library´s premises and  to make sure that everything works out in the Library building, it can be questions concerning everything from printers, furniture and equipment to the electricity. I work close to craftsmen and the Campus and IT-services. Some of my time I spend at the Information Point and I´m responsible for set-ups and the shedule related to that work. I´m also supervisor for the studentassistants that works here in the evenings and weekends. My work also includes administrative tasks, I take care of invoices of delayed books and assists the Library director Svante ca.10%. You can say that I´m everywhere in the Library.

For how long have you worked here, and what did you do before you started here?
To be exactly I started to work here 1 october 1996. Before I was working at the cloths company Ellos with there commissions.

What do you enjoy most about the job?
The variation and to meet people. One day can contain so many things, the printer can stop working and the next moment someone comes and need to speak about a invoice, this makes every day unique. I also enjoy the work at the Information Point a lot. And I appreciate that I have a office work where I can move around in the Library building and meet the Library visitors and the other people working with crerating a good environment here.

What do you do when you’re not at work?
I have a family with three childreen so I´m quite busy. For the moment I feel like the familytaxi driving my childreen to all their different activities. A big hobby for me is to make craft, I make jewellery in clay and I use to sell my things at markets.

Do you have any book recommendations you want to share?                                Yes, I would like to recommend the book Och så levde de lyckliga by Lucy Dillon, she is my favorite author. It´s a feel good book about two friends, parts of the book takes place during Christmas so it´s a good book to read at this time of year.

Text & photo: Kajsa Magnusson

How to Scan

Do you know it´s free to scan? Scan can be a good alternative to copy. In this blog post you get a description about how to use our different scanners.

Scan with the printers

Now it´s possible for you to scan with our printers. The scanned originals are sent to your student e-mail. Follow the instructions below.

1. Login to a printer with your chip or your username.                                                 Choose Scan/Fax.


2. In the following step select E-post Me. Then choose your settings. If you want to scan more than 1 page choose 2-sided, otherwise 1-sided. After that you press the blue startbutton.


3. You scan your documents by pressing the startbutton. When all your pages are scanned press Finish. Press the startbutton a last time to send your dokuments to your E-mail. Notice that your scanned documents are sent to your student E-mail, sxxxxxx@student.hb.


Scanners in the Library

In the Library you find two scanners. On floor 1 there is a scanner that can take originals up to size A4. On floor 5 you can scan up to size A3. The scanners are different.

Scanner on floor 1, A4.

You find the scanner in the white booth opposite the course reference books.

1. Login to the computer that are next to the scanner. Use your username. Put your original in the scanner with the text/picture facing downward.


2. Press EPSON Scan on the computer´s desktop.

Skanna 2.3_0233

3. Press Skanna on the page that follows.

Skanna 110235

4. The scanner read your document so it will be like the original. If your original is in colour you get it in colour, if it´s in black and white you get it black and white. Your scanned document ends up in the Epson file manager.

Scanner on floor 5, A3

You find the scanner in the computer hall J517. Notice that the scanner is connected with all the computers in the room so you can use any computer.

1. Start the scanner.                                                                                                              To find the scanner in the computer select:                                                         Startmenyn, HB, BLR, Epson Scanner J517

skanna 5.2_0237

2. In the following step you choose your settings. Note that you here decide if you want your document in colour or black and white. Then press Scan.

skan 105IMG_0238

3. Under Location you choose where to save your document. If you press Browse you get to your files. Name your document under File name. Press OK to start the scanning.

skanna 5 4_0243


Text: Kajsa Magnusson
Picture: Kajsa Magnusson

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