Distance student?

Right now, many interlibrary loan requests from you distance students come in to the library, but actually many of those requests doesn’t belong among interlibrary loans. So here is a brief explanation of the difference:

distance student is a person registered as a student at one of the University’s distance programs, and another requirement is that you don’t live in Borås (033 Area).

An interlibrary loan is material (eg a book or article) that we ourselves do not have in the library and therefore must borrow from other libraries. (We do not lend the material that we have in the collections but is on loan at the moment)

As a distance student, you can get books and journal articles sent home who are in the library’s physical collections. You fill in a special form when you order home materials as a distance student. Do not use our form for interlibrary loan, then the order takes much longer, because it end up in the wrong department.

From home, you can access most of the databases the library has subscriptions to and our e-book providers, log in with your regular user/password (same as the PINGPONG). So always start by searching in Summon to see if we have the materials your’e looking for in e-format.

The above description about distance students should not be confused with the interlibrary loan from another library when what you want is not among our collections. For an interlibrary loan price can vary between 40 and 80 SEK / article depending on where in the world it can be ordered from.

As a distance student getting books sent home is free but you pay yourself for the shipping back to us. Getting journal articles copied and sent home is priced from 40 SEK / article. We do not copy material from books that are available for loan in our collections.

Learn more about the services to you as a distance student on our website.


Text: Lisa Carlson