Journals in textile and fashion

Textile and fashion is a profile area for research at the University of Borås. How does this reflects in the library collections? Well, in quite a few ways we hope. Here in this blog post, we highlight some examples of journals in this subject with fun, interesting and different solutions.

The vast majority of our journals is available online and you can access them through computer, tablet or phone. The journals Hali, Dazed & Confused and Selvedge are provided by Exact Editions and has a pretty cool feature. If you walk around the University premises with a tablet or smartphone and have downloaded the Exact Editions app (only available for iPad and iPhone), you can read these three journals without logging in. The app detects that you are in the university premises, and gives you access to the journals.

Dazed & confusedYou can scroll through different issues, get inspired by the razor-sharp images – all this thourgh the app.

Selvedge framsidaAn interesting database in the design field is Vogue Archive. As a student or staff of HB you can reach complete issue, including advertising, of American Vogue all the way back to 1892. You can of course also search the archive for articles and images based on fashion designer, photographer / illustrator, business / brand, type of garment, textile materials and more. Please try it!

Vogue archiveAlthough the library is investing a lot of money in electronic journals we have not forgotten about the printed journals. All of the print journals that somehow relates to the topics textile, art or design field, is on display on the 1st floor of the library. Here you can find a number of prominent fashion magazines: Collezioni Donna (women’s), Sport & Street Collezioni, Collezioni Uomo (men’s fashion), Maglieria italiana, Vogue (Italian edition), Uomo Vogue, iD magazine, Sportswear International.
bloggen 012A textile journal that we want to push a little extra for the Ecotextile News. The journal, which is well known in the industry, focusing on the environment and sustainability in the global textile and clothing chain. We subscribes to this journal in print and you’ll find the latest issue on the 1st floor and the other numbers in roller shelves  P: 205.

Ecotextile newsText and picture: Hanna Hallnäs

Journals in nursing and health

Another popular magazine in the health care field is the Journal of Advanced Nursing. It often used in literature lists on nursing educations. It is available in printed format from 1983-2002 (with a gap for the year 1990). It is found on the 1st floor in our roller shelfs, shelf V: 16. We have access to more years of the magazine electronically from 1976 onwards via Wiley-Blackwell. Since the library has purchased so-called backfiles it is possible to find material from the 1970s and onwards. Journal of Advanced Nursing has no embargo which means we have access to the latest content without delay. Journal of advanced nursing contains scientific material in english and is a leading journal in the field. Most of the articles are written by nurses and midwives. The electronic versions are available via the library’s web with full text links from Summon.


Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences is a peer reviewed journal in which many scientists at the Academy of care, work and welfare (Akademin för vård, arbetsliv och välfärd) have been published in. Are you interested in more journals in which researchers here at the University of Borås has had papers accepted in, use one of our citation databases for example Scopus.


The emphasis in terms of the Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences is focused on research of patients, families, and society and promotes interdisciplinary collaboration. We have the journal in print between 1987-2002 in roller shelfs on the 1st floor, shelf V: 22. From 2001 through you can access the journal online via Wiley-Blackwell Full Collection.


There are often several ways to find an article on a topic or a special issue of a journal, we have written about this several times in our blog.

Text & Picture: Lena Holmberg

How to find journals at the library

The library have approximately 380 printed journals and about 37,000 electronic ones. But how do you find them?

The electronic journals dominate and the library purchase material packages from different vendors. Via Summon you can search for articles using keywords such as the title of the article. Would you rather search for the journal title, do so under Search Journals. Then it looks like this:


This search shows through which suppliers we have access to the journal and the years we access. Choose for example Emerald Journals. Suddenly you find yourself in the journal, and can choose which year and which volume you want to look at or use the searchbox to look for a topic in this particular journal. Here the situation is slightly different depending on which provider we have the magazine in, the interface varies but usually you can always click on the year and volume number to get further.


The printed journals is found on both the 2nd floor (main floor) and the 1st.

Picture 016

We have made a selection of approx 90 magazines displayed at level 2 and older numbers from that year are in the cupboard behind. You can find magazines like ELLE Decoration, Sound & Vision and much more interesting. Grab a magazine and sit in our comfortable chairs and read.


bloggen 025Older volumes are found in magazine down on the 1st floor Everything is placed by topic and year.




bloggen 026In the red capsules the journals are sorted by year, volume and number.





bloggen 019Looking for the latest issue? Then you’ll find the most popular journals on the display shelves that are placed along the walls down on the 1st floor. They are in alphabetical order. Textiles, fashion and design has its own wall with magazines.


Capture03The printed magazine’s placement can be found via the library website for information search – search journals. It can look like this in the directory where you see where a printed magazine is located. Then it’s just to locate it in the magazine (locate the shelf B: 104 in this case). Good luck!


If you think we are missing an interesting magazine or journal, please contact us!

Text and picture: Hanna Hallnäs och Lena Holmberg