Paginate in word, a topic to come back to

You seem to have begun to format your Word documents for assignments and essays. Today we have been asked about how to fail to paginate for example, attachments. It actually works just the same as not numbering  for example, the first page.

1) Set up at the bottom of the page where your pagination ends. Than you go under Page Layout Breaks and select Section Break-Next page.


2) Next, open the Header / Footer, double-click in any of them. Then you will see that your Footer and your header does not have the same section number, but to the right is says that they are linked (Same as previous).


3) And that we do not want them to be, because that is when pagination is continued through the entire document.

4) It is while we still have the Header & Footer Tool open as we can break this by pressing the Link to Previous.


5) Than you get the question:


And that’s exactly what you want. Break between sections.

6) Then, simply remove renumber such as your attachments. Since they are no longer related to previous sections in the document, other parts do not change. You see it clearly in the picture below compared to in section 2.


Hope this will help you in arranging page numbering in your Word document.


Text & Photo: Lisa Carlson