How can I find the book in the library?

Do you think it’s tricky to find books in the library? We have a great guide on the web that you can look at, and then you know how you should proceed.

All libraries are structured in a specific way in order to make it possible to find books. To find a book in any library: Always start by searching.

In our library you use Primo at the library’s website to find the exact shelf placement for the book. By searching Primo you will also see directly if the book is at the shelf or not.
Here we see that the book should be found on floor 1 at the course book shelf where all books are not for loan. There are all the books sorted alphabetically. But this book is also for loan at another shelf on the 4th floor at shelf 808.066 Once you are at the right shelf, the books are arranged in alphabetical order, usually by author but sometimes the title. Therefore it is important to always search for the book on the web first, before you go up on the shelf. How is the book placed within the shelf? In this case, on the title.

Hopefully you have now found the book and can borrow it!

A few years ago our library left the Swedish SAB system which divided different subjects using letter combinations. We then introduced the US classification system Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC), which is based on numbers. This meant relocating virtually all the books in the entire library. It was a pretty demanding job, both physically and for our library system but all went well and today DDC is the system we use (with some exceptions such as fiction and older literature on the first floor).

Text and photo: Lena Holmberg

How to find a book in the library

Our guestblogger Elisabeth enables us to find books in the library, but how does one go about to actually find them?

If you want to find a book in the library, the best way to start is to search for the book at our web page. By doing so you will find out at which shelf in the library the book is to be found at, and also if the book is available or not.

When you have done your search for the book, you will get a list of results with all the documents that match your search criterias. Choose the book you want by clicking it. A new window will open, containing more information about the book:

When you arrive to the right floor, search for the right shelf by looking at the signs at the start/end of each shelf.

When you have located the right shelf, find the right section of the shelf. The sections are arranged in numerical order:

Once you found the right section it’s time to look for the actual book. The books are placed alphabetically according to the spine labels:

You should now have the book in your hand, if not and you want some help finding it – please ask a librarian for help. You can always find a librarian willing to help you at the information point by the entrance to the library.

Text & Picture: Katharina Nordling

The library is changing its classification system

When you visit us during the summer you will notice that there are empty shelves, book cases in strange places and that books are not on their usual places. This is due to the classification system change that we are doing. We are going from the Swedish classification system which is built on letters to an international classification system called Dewey Decimal Classification System (DDC) which is built on numbers. Read more about our Dewey work.

At the moment we are done with the classes 000, 100, 200 and working on 300 so these books are on their right places.

We print out labels.


We paste the label onto the book and to be on the safe side we use additional tape to make sure the label sticks to the book.


Then the books are placed on temporary shelves before we can place them to their proper place on the proper shelves.