The Library Resources are not on Holidays!

Christmas and holiday season is approaching and with that also some closed days at the Library. We know that many of you are working hard with your home exams and other assignments during this time

Please keep in mind that you can access most of our resources electronically even if the Library is closed.

Examples of what you can do from home through the library’s website

In order to use all of the library services when you are outside campus, eg at home, it’s important that you always start from the library website, thus you get the “right way in” to all our resources and material. 

To access some resources, such as databases, articles and e-books, you need to log in with your S-number (the same as to Ping Pong) to verify that you are our student and have the right to access the resources. 

If you are using Google Scholar, you can also customize so that you can access the Library full texts that way (go to settings  and choose library links and add Borås University).

You can of course e-mail us even if we are closed –  we will respond to you as soon as we are back. Our opening hours for Christmas and New Year are available on our web.

Take care of yourself and do not forget to rest a little during your Holidays!

Text: Christel Olsson, updated by Klaz Arvidson
Picture: Pixabay

How to find journals at the library

The library have approximately 380 printed journals and about 37,000 electronic ones. But how do you find them?

The electronic journals dominate and the library purchase material packages from different vendors. Via Summon you can search for articles using keywords such as the title of the article. Would you rather search for the journal title, do so under Search Journals. Then it looks like this:


This search shows through which suppliers we have access to the journal and the years we access. Choose for example Emerald Journals. Suddenly you find yourself in the journal, and can choose which year and which volume you want to look at or use the searchbox to look for a topic in this particular journal. Here the situation is slightly different depending on which provider we have the magazine in, the interface varies but usually you can always click on the year and volume number to get further.


The printed journals is found on both the 2nd floor (main floor) and the 1st.

Picture 016

We have made a selection of approx 90 magazines displayed at level 2 and older numbers from that year are in the cupboard behind. You can find magazines like ELLE Decoration, Sound & Vision and much more interesting. Grab a magazine and sit in our comfortable chairs and read.


bloggen 025Older volumes are found in magazine down on the 1st floor Everything is placed by topic and year.




bloggen 026In the red capsules the journals are sorted by year, volume and number.





bloggen 019Looking for the latest issue? Then you’ll find the most popular journals on the display shelves that are placed along the walls down on the 1st floor. They are in alphabetical order. Textiles, fashion and design has its own wall with magazines.


Capture03The printed magazine’s placement can be found via the library website for information search – search journals. It can look like this in the directory where you see where a printed magazine is located. Then it’s just to locate it in the magazine (locate the shelf B: 104 in this case). Good luck!


If you think we are missing an interesting magazine or journal, please contact us!

Text and picture: Hanna Hallnäs och Lena Holmberg

E-media at LLR

LLR got its first electornic journal for 15 years ago.

In 1988 LLR joins Bibsam’s national agreement where three databases were included:  Academic Search Elite från Ebsco, 1085 journals from different subject areas, IDEAL which had 175 titles from Academic Press and MUSE with 45 titles in hu med 45 titlar in humanities from John Hopkins University Press.

Today LLR subscribes to over 35 000 electronic journals. We have also activeted about 15 000 electronic journals from open sources. Through us the students and staff of University of Borås has access to over 146 000 electronic books.

For comparison you should know that we have about 300 print journals and about 100 000 print books on our shelves.
LLR has become a digital library!
Pieta Eklund
Karin Ekström