Ebrarys makeover

One of our e-book providers Ebrary has updated its interface, it has become considerably easier to navigate. On our website, we describe the site as follows: “Ebrary contains approximately 40.000 books within most subject categories, such as technology, science, the arts, health and medicine, social sciences, computers and information technology.”

You can reach the books by searching the library’s Summon on our website or on our page for E-books. You will have to log in if you are outside of the University network with your regular log in details. If you don’t know what you are looking for you can use the Ebrary site to search for titles or subjects and additionally browse subjects in areas like Computer, Education, Medicine, Technology, Economics and History just to name a few.

Once you find the book you are looking for, it looks like the image below. You choose between reading the book online (requires connection to the Internet) or download it to your computer / tablet / smartphone. To download the book, you need to create an account. Once you do, you can download the book, underline in it, take notes, choose refrerence management system as default and save the book on your bookshelf in Ebrary. To read the book, you need an Adobe ID and an e-book reader to suit the device you’ll read (Read more in this blog post about the readers / apps we recommend).



In Ebrary it’s also clear how many pages you can print off the books and how many you can copy.





Some books from Ebrary does not allow downloading. But this is very clear when you have found the title you want to read.



Ebrary_refereraYou can easily refer correctly from Ebrary. You press the button Cite Book (seen above on the first picture). Then you can select the style, in my example I chose Harvard. Then you can simply copy the reference into the documented your’e working on. Or you can choose to export to Flow / RefWorks or Endnote / Citavi. Endnote is freely available to students at the University of Borås, and are installed on all our computers, but you can also get it to your own computer. Flow is a new free reference management system for you as a student at the University of Borås by the same company, ProQuest, that supplies our search system Summon, Flow works best with ProQuests own databases and services so we recommend Endnote since it is compatible with most of our resources.

Hope you enjoy Ebrarys new interface as much as we do. Please contact us if you have questions at biblioteket@hb.se

Text and Picture: Lisa Carlson