Dictionaries and Encyclopaedias

dicThe library has many dictionaries and encyclopedias but most of them are not for lending. Why is it so? Dictionaries and encyclopedias are a help in your studies and are needed in the library for looking up a word and get its meaning or translation.

Today, many of the dictionaries and encyclopedias are freely available on the web and the library also has some paid subscriptions. Before it was almost never possible to borrow dictionaries and encyclopedias but today we have a few of Norstedts English-Swedish dictionary for loan (located at floor 3, shelf 423) and we often make older editions for loan, while the newest one get to be REF – and stay in the library. Please visit the library’s databases and see what kind dictionaries and encyclopedias we have for help online!

Text: Lena Holmberg
Picture: Tandis Talay