Your environmental impact

Did you know that in the University’s new printing system Papercut you can see your own impact on the environment when it comes to printing. This is what mine looked like until today:


I don’t print very much because I like to use my tablet for reading, but if it’s longer texts where I have to be able to annotate while I’m reading, I prefer as many other printed text on paper.

Once you have logged in (you your normal login information) to Papercut, you can open a tab, you see it on the above image, named Environmental Dashboard. Here you get an overview where you can see your use over time but also the University as whole organization. As of this writing, all of us at the University of Borås has printed the corresponding papers of 3.36 trees.


If we look closely at the printers that you students have to use in the library, you students and visitors have printed 106.997 pages since Papercut launched at the beginning of the semester. That is a huge number of pages. Below is the breakdown between the different printers. Our printer on the main floor, J203, is perhaps not surprisingly, by far the most widely used printer in the whole college.BIB_Skrivare

The fact that the printers sometimes have very long queues or are out of toner is put into perspective with over 100,000 papers printed in our facilities in barely 6 weeks.

Furthermore, as a student with your own computer you can print from it by posting the document in Papercut and then select the printer you want to send it to for printing. Other services that are useful to know about Papercut is the ability to follow your prints and see where they are printed, and of course to fill up your own printing account.

Papercut is a part of the university’s effort to reduce paper usage and conserve the environment so think twice if you really need to print documents.

Text & Picture: Lisa Carlson