Click your way to more information about the book you want to borrow

Are you looking for a book in Primo to find out if it’s available to borrow at the library, then it’s worth clicking a few times past the results list, then you can clearly see if the book is available or not.

Let’s take an example and search for the book Business research methods.

In the result list we get the following information:This means that there are one item of the book available among the course books at floor 1 (the course books you can’t bring outside the library). But it also says that there are items available at other locations. We get more information about these items if we click either the title of the book or the information about location.

Here is again information that the book is available among the course books that are not available for lending (Floor 1 Course Books Reference), but there’s also information that there are two copies of the book at floor 3 in the library. We can also see that none of them are available. But you can click this post as well.

We’ll click the link to the copies located at floor 3 and get information about each copy of the book. One of them are waiting to be picked up since it’s been requested by someone, and the other one is actually overdue – so it should be back any day.

So the more you click – the more information you get.

Text & picture: Katharina Nordling