Books to read if you’re writing your student thesis

It’s spring term and high season for thesis writing, which can be both scary, hard, interesting, and fun at once – here you will find tips on books that can help you in the process of writing your thesis. They cover the topics research methods and academic writing.

As for the method, this is a central part of the process: What method do you use in your studies, and how do you describe this in the thesis? This is where the method books come to rescue. Some of you have had method courses earlier; others will have a method course just before the thesis writing starts. And you will, of course, get some tips on good books in these courses, but there are other books than the course literature, and you’ll find plenty of books at the library. The largest part of all books on quantitative and qualitative methods can be found at department 300 on level 2.5 in the library.

There are also some good books to read on writing in general, and on academic writing in particular. These books will give you tips and advice when it comes to language (for example how to write in a passive voice instead of in first person), how to formulate different parts of the thesis (how to write the introduction), etcetera. You will find most of these books on shelf 808.066 on floor 4 in the library.

Text & photo: Katharina Nordling

Method books

Are you writing your essay? or perhaps a paper or an assignment where you use a method? We have a large number of method books in the library, shelved by subject. Most of them you will find on floor 2.5, shelf 300.

metod_engA few classics have been around a long time and constantly comes in new editions for example Alan Brymans Social research methods.

DSCN0882Many of our method books are additionally course books. That means that you can find them as course reference books on the 1st floor in the library and its available  when the others are on loan.

kurs_eng2Welcome to the library!

Text and picture: Lena Holmberg