Atlas of Science

A few weeks ago we told you about the book The atlas of the universe, and now we found another different atlas: Atlas of Science – Visualizing what we know.

The book is based on an exhibition atlasofsciencecalled Places & Spaces: Mapping Science, and gives the reader a description of successful visualization techniques. There are several different ways to create a scientific map, and the book gives a lot of different examples of science maps. A science map is like a visual interface to large amount of data, it makes the data easier to understand and get an overview of.

The examples used in the book are also available at Places & Spaces web site. Take a look at The Structure of Science – a map that shows how different disciplines in science are related. Or check out the Scientific Collaboration between World Cities – a map showing how scientists around the world collaborate. Another rather cool “map” is Visualizing Trends and Dynamics: 30 Years of Scientific Development.

Text & picture: Katharina Nordling