Have a great summer!

The library blog now takes a break and returns just in time for the autumn term. The Library stays open all summer but with limited opening hours that you can fins on our contact page. You can access our databases and e-books from home via the web as usual.

We hope you get a really nice summer with lots of reading, relaxation, sun and bath.
See you in august!

The staff at the Library wishes you a great summer!






Text: Lena Holmberg
Picture: Katharina Nordling


The Library blog takes a summer break

The Library Blog, takes a break during summer and come back with renewed vigor in August. As usual, you can then read blog posts about such as reference management, source criticism, page formatting, book recommendations, staff portraits, tips on databases and journals and more.

The library is open all summer but the opening hours varies. See our website for current times. It is possible to search and use the library’s e-resources from home as usual.

The Library staff wishes you a great summer!
We meet again in August!


Text: Lena Holmberg
Picture: Colourbox


It is soon midsummer and we here at the Library want to wish you all a relaxing midsummer! Midsummer is one of the most important holidays, if not the most important, in Sweden. It has been celebrated as the breakpoint of the working year in the agrarian society. It has also had religious connections and was originally celebrated in St Johns honour.

It is also the time for magic and supernatural entities, e.g. by collecting seven different kinds of flowers and sleeping with them under your pillow your future love is said to appear.

Also, we want to recommend the sculpture walk arranged by the Borås City. One of the sculptures you will hear more about is the new one in front of Textile Fashion Center, House of Knowlegde by Jaume Plensa. We’ll meet again when the fall semester begins.


House of Knowledge by the artist Jaume Plensa

Pieta Eklund